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Color Families

The Simple Colors are the original eight we know so well: Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green, Teal, Blue and Magenta.

The Complex Colors are: Red Oxide, Brown, Taupe, Gray, Black, Sage, Yellow Oxide and Camel.
Both Simple and Complex colors move along the color spectrum, allowing you to navigate through Color Preview's® color space, intuitively moving from one color family to another. It is this ease of movement, and the 16 color families that serve as "color triggers" that allows you to find "your" color and understand what colors Benjamin Moore creates with its colorants.

Simple Colors

Red is the color of life, love and heat, and so this organic pigment gives to it bright colors. The highest quality pigments can only provide chemical resistance, and superior light-fastness features, which are a requirement for this powerful color.

Orange is one of Mother Nature's favorites, it can be seen all year round in the fields and trees, or the earth and minerals. This organic pigment provides the widest range of colors with excellent light fastness and chemical stability

Yellow, the color that represents sun, fresh and clean is produced with the finest organic pigments to provide colors that are bright, clean and full and also have superior tinting strength.

Yellow-Green, a citrus twist on green that has grown in popularity, complements the strong use of purples and violets. It's a color that evokes fresh spring and new beginnings

Green, the color of nature that represents life, harmony and relaxation is versatile and easygoing. This organic green pigment has been used for years to produce clean, bright, transparent colors that are light fast.

Teal, considered the newest addition to the classics which are burgundy, navy blue and hunter green. The perfect harmony between green and blue.

Blue, the color of skies and water that is tranquil and calm yet uplifting and inspiring. A timeless tradition companion for any environment. America's favorite color is produced with organic blue pigment, which comes from allowing for bright, luminous colors that are light fast and chemical resistant.

Magenta, the color of passion provides us with today's trend colors ranging from purple to pink. It is known for its rich opulent colors that are chemical and bleach resistant.

White the result of combining all the colors of the spectrum in perfect balance, is the mainstay of interiors today. It is the color with the power to lighten and elevate all colors to a new value while adding that all important hiding power.

Complex Colors

Red Oxide, the natural strength of iron oxide provides this pigment with outstanding hiding power, heat and weather resistance. Strong natural colors that perform.

Brown, a color that is part of the foundation of the neutral story. This pigment is a combination of iron oxide pigments providing all the strength and durability this color stands for.

Taupe, a mysterious neutral that lives between brown and gray, is an elusive color. Its cool base allows it to work in any environment.

Gray, the fashion savvy color, the brother of black, allows for subtle neutrals and toning of hues that black can not. It is produced with a combination of inorganic and organic pigments to provide hiding power.

Black, the color of non-commitment, a symbol of elegance and sophistication is produced using carbon black pigment. It has the power to produce intense colors or altering the value of any other hue. This pigment is impervious to chemicals, light, heat and weather.

Sage, the spicy natural green of the neutral palette that is complex, sophisticated and fashion forward.

Yellow Oxide, the earth provides us with these complex natural colors which are derived from iron oxide. Colors produced with Yellow Oxide have excellent opacity, chemical and weather resistance, making them excellent color choices for interior or exterior.

Camel, sophistication at its best. A true color that is neutralized to harmonize with anything.


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