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Exterior Products

Acrylic House Paints

High quality exterior coatings, provide exceptional weather resistant properties. Ideal for seaside exposure.

Waterproof Roof Coating

High build, flexible elastomeric coating designed to waterproof roofs. Provides a weather and temperature resistant film.

Enamels Water Based

Acrylic Polyurethane Enamels with excellent gloss retention and weather resistance. Dries to a hard breathable non yellowing film. Great...

Enamels Alkyd Based

Alkyd Enamels that lasts for years. Hard wearing, durable, excellent weather resistant. Superb leveling and hiding. Low odor during app...

Wood Protection

A water based high quality preservative and varnish protection system. Provides UV protection, excellent weather resistant breathable fi...

Rust Protection

Benjamin Moore has created paints specifically for outdoor metal surfaces. They offer superior rust inhibition and protection.

Concrete & Stone Protection

A penetrating stain & sealer, protects and beautifies concrete, stones and other porous surfaces. Designed to give long lasting colo...


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